Everyone Is An Athlete

We at Sea Change Family Chiropractic are thrilled to have Dr. Russ Ebbets serving the Ithaca community – not only our amateur and semi-professional athletes, but anyone who has personal health goals to which they aspire and that he can help you in realizing.

Dr. Russ Ebbets, 2 time national track championship coach at Union College has been working with amateur, collegiate, and Olympic athletes for over 25 years. During this live event, learn about:

  • The fundamental pre-hab/re-hab performance model
  • The 4 levels of athletic participation, and how to focus your efforts for maximum results
  • The athletic triage model and how it applies to your performance- 100% Natural performance enhancement, restoration, and regeneration

This Facebook Live event is geared towards both the casual and competitive athlete and provides usable action steps that will positively impact your performance regardless of your sport of choice.

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